Fear and Self-Preservation

If it is true that people get the government they deserve, then many industries get the media coverage they merit as well. Regardless of her base of operations, Hollywood deserves Nikki Finke.

David Carr, writing about Deadline Hollywood founder Nikki Finke’s reported firing

ESPN’s Cunning Plan to Stream March Madness: Head to Bill Simmons’s House

The Sports Guy and his crew piggyback on one of the year’s biggest sports events. It could work!

Pay Up! Vimeo Adds Rentals, Downloads.

Not an iTunes-killer or a YouTube-slayer. But a nice option to have.


At some point, it will be all right to talk about the late-season’s dark turn of events — did CHARACTER NAME really BLANK CHARACTER NAME? — but that time has probably not come.

David Carr on the new spoiler culture of “House of Cards”

Self-Cleaning Oven

“we’re living in a golden age where the internet is kind of self-cleaning oven” and the truth eventually comes out says @carr2n

Mathew Ingram, quoting from a David Carr lecture via Twitter

Beyond TwitterDome

When you’re in the Twitter dome, and you have something that blows up large, we grab onto it because it’s a place where we can see things pick up heat. But it’s sort of a false heat. It isn’t real. We’re all just shouting at each other.

David Carr on Talking Points Memo

Ingredients of Communication

When people talk to one another long enough, they want to meet, and when they’ve been in one another’s presence, they want to keep in touch.

Clay Shirky, talking to David Carr about the “ingredients of communication” in the digital world

Kitteh Culture

As the world has realigned from being about portals and then search and now social, how do you build a media company for a social world? And a big part of that is scoops and exclusives and original content, and it’s also about cute kittens in an entertaining cultural context.

Jonah Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, in conversation with David Carr of the New York Times

SOPA Through the Generations

The schism between content creators and platforms like Kickstarter, Tumblr and YouTube is generational. It’s people who grew up on the Web versus people who still don’t use it. In Washington, they simply don’t see the way that the Web has completely reconfigured society across classes, education and race. The Internet isn’t real to them yet.

Yancey Strickler, a founder of Kickstarter, in an email — from an article by the New York Times’ David Carr about the dangers of SOPA

The Web as a Household Appliance

The ethic of the Web is to say what you know as quickly as you can, and then reiterate over and over again. The Web is kind of a self-cleaning oven, and what you have up there can grow more accurate as time goes by. That’s never true of print. It’s always there for the ages.

David Carr, to Terry Gross on “Fresh Air”

Mossberg and iPad 2 on Charlie Rose

Viral Video: "Page One" at Sundance