Facebook’s Q3: Marketers Love Us — Teens, Slightly Less So

We’ll cover the Facebook execs as they take a victory lap on a big quarterly beat.

Facebook Beats Again as Mobile Ad Revenue Surges

Mobile first, indeed.

Facebook Racks Up Record Games Revenue, Even as Zynga Presence Wanes

“Q1 represented our largest three-month quarter of games revenue to date despite a 37 percent drop in year-over-year payments volume from our largest developer.” Largest developer … Gee, I wonder who that might be.

Growth, Mobile and More: Facebook’s First-Quarter Earnings

Hopefully Zuck wants to talk about the explosive growth in mobile ad revenue.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Home launch event.

Facebook Names Mike Schroepfer CTO

The former VP of Engineering gets a nice title bump.

Why Facebook Is Sending Its People to Mobile Coding Camp (And Not Just Engineers)

Mobile mobile mobile! Facebook continues to beef up its resources for the phone.

Facebook’s Q4 Earnings: Can Anyone Say “Mobile”?

We’re on the call with Wall Street and Facebook’s top brass.

Facebook’s Q3 Call: MizUnderstood on Mobile?

Is it time for Wall Street to reconsider dumping on the social networking behemoth?
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What Mark Zuckerberg Needs to Address in His First Post-IPO Appearance

Someone has a lot to answer for.

Mark Zuckerberg Showed Up. Next?

$FB Is a Buy, Analysts Say

Is Facebook IPO on Track for May?