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Tumblr Had $16.6 Million Left When Yahoo Bought It

That comes via Yahoo’s latest SEC filings. Which also tells us David Karp can make another $81 million over the next four years.
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Some Explaining to Do: Tumblr and Critics Tussle Over Porn Treatment

The underlying question is whether Tumblr’s new owner, Yahoo, is exerting influence to whitewash it.

Tumblr’s David Karp Talks to Stephen Colbert About Porn, Profits and Mean Girls

“One of the scariest moments of my life” works out pretty well for Yahoo’s most famous new hire.
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News Byte

Yahoo Closes Tumblr Deal

Yahoo announced on Thursday morning that it had officially closed its acquisition of Tumblr, the massive blogging network with more than 110 million registered users. Yahoo reiterated that Tumblr will continue to operate as a separate, standalone business led by current CEO David Karp.


“Hands-Off”: The Impossible Promise

Inside Yahoo, Tumblr will be caught in the tectonic grinding of conflicting interests.

How Many Users Does Tumblr Really Have?

Yahoo says it acquired 300 million new users yesterday. But, for now, the number advertisers care about will be much smaller.

Yahoo Buys Tumblr and Promises “Not to Screw It Up”

“We’re not turning purple,” says Tumblr founder David Karp, who then drops an f-bomb.

How to Spend a Billion-Plus on User-Generated Content, Google Edition

Sure, Tumblr could be a GeoCities for Yahoo. What if it’s a YouTube? Here’s what the video site’s financials looked like when Google bought it.
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Tumblr Falls Into a Really Big Pile of Money