Silver Lake Abandons Hulu Purchase Effort, as Final Bidding Deadline Arrives Today

The longest-running and noisiest sale of all time move to the final bidding stages.

Changing Channels: YouTube Will Pull the Plug on at Least 60 Percent of Its Programming Deals

The video giant wants to be more like TV — which means it’s pulling the plug on up to 60 percent of the shows it funded last year.
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Netflix Reportedly Eyeing Spain for Next Expansion

The next stop on the Netflix tour could be Spain. Trade journal Screen Daily (via Deadline) cites a single source — the head of a Spanish industry group — which says the video rental company “had contacted various Spanish producers ahead of its launch.” Netflix has already announced a major expansion into Latin America, but has said it is targeting another territory for international expansion in 2012; many observers have believed that the United Kingdom will be its next target.

News Byte

Elvis, Muhammad Ali and American Idol Sold For $509 Million

CKX, the holding company that owns the production company behind “American Idol,” is being sold to private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $509 million. Besides 19 Entertainment, CKX also owns licensing rights for Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali, as well as a majority share of Presley’s Graceland mansion. Deadline and the LAT have good background.

June 30 Deadline for Apple Subscriptions

Apple’s new subscription plan has a compliance deadline. June 30, according to a memo sent to publishers earlier this year.

RIM, India at Stalemate as Deadline Arrives

Research In Motion has reached another impasse in its negotiations with the Indian government, and this one may not be as easily overcome as those that preceded it. Though New Delhi has been provided with access to RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service and BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), it continues to demand access to the company’s BlackBerry Enterprise Service–something RIM insists it is unable to provide.

One Down: Spotify Signs Sony to U.S. Deal

This doesn’t get them into the States, but it gets them a lot closer: Music service Spotify has finally signed with Sony for a U.S. distribution deal. Multiple sources tell me the deal, which has been very close since last fall, is now closed.

RIM Gives India Access to Consumer Messaging

Research In Motion has finally settled its long-running dispute with the Indian government over its BlackBerry Messenger Service–part of it, anyway. It’s given wireless carriers in the country the ability to intercept messages sent over its BlackBerry Messenger service and BlackBerry Internet Service if requested by the government.


Google Rejects Connecticut Request for Wi-Fi Data

Connecticut’s attorney general said Friday his office may take legal action against Google Inc. after the Internet company rejected his request to turn over personal data it collected inadvertently from unsecured wireless networks.

Nokia Stops Christmas From Coming

A colder, more brutal winter than usual for Nokia’s Finnish workforce. The company is sacking 800 employees in its home market.

RIM, India Trade Texts, Still Not BFFs

RIM Denies Deal With India Over Access

EU Poised to Approve Oracle-Sun Deal

Cisco Closer to Closing Tandberg Deal

Google Uncrates Chrome

Oracle Blinks

Google Blows Book Search Deal Deadline

Why So Sirius?

Windows XP: Night of the Living Dead OS