Hulu to Create More Original Shows

Online video site Hulu LLC is increasing its output of original shows, the latest in an escalation of TV-like programs being made directly for the Internet, further blurring the lines between the Web and TV.

News Byte

Intel Doesn't Want to MeeGo It Alone

Intel says it’s “not blinking” on MeeGo, following Nokia’s decision to refocus its mobile efforts on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, and, indeed, CEO Paul Otellini told analysts this morning that the company is seeking out new allies for the OS. “We will find another partner,” he said. “The carriers still want a third ecosystem and the carriers want an open ecosystem, and that’s the thing that drives our motivation.” Given the further entrenchment of the iPhone and Android operating systems, the debut of Windows Phone 7 and the slowly renewing momentum behind webOS, a new Meego partner may prove difficult to find.

It's Business Time for Apple's iPad

Though there’s no dedicated salesforce selling it in the enterprise market, Apple’s iPad has gained significant traction there. Since its debut, more than 65 percent of the Fortune 100 have deployed or piloted the device. If Apple’s not pushing the iPad into the enterprise market, how is it getting there?

Analysts Dub HP TouchPad a Legitimate Contender for Second Place

It might lack a firm launch date and hard pricing details, and its application and content ecosystem might need further work, but Hewlett-Packard’s forthcoming TouchPad looks like it’s got a real shot at becoming the frontrunner in the massing horde of tablet hopefuls trailing Apple’s iPad. Certainly the hardware and OS seem formidable enough to at least differentiate the device in an increasingly crowded market.

Spotify Clears Its Throat for a U.S. Launch in "Coming Months"

The music service still doesn’t have a U.S. launch date, but it’s telling the American digerati that their free lunch is just about over.

Verizon to Butcher Speeds of Data Hogs

What an odd coincidence. Verizon Wireless introduced a new policy today that gives it the right to throttle the data speeds of its heaviest bandwidth users-–just as it began accepting pre-orders for the new CDMA iPhone.

The Daily Is Doomed! the Daily Is a Hit!

Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper doesn’t make its official debut for a few hours, but that isn’t stopping people from handicapping its chances. Here’s the bull and bear take, helpfully provided by the same Wall Street analyst.

Rupert Murdoch Gives Guests a Sneak Peek of Tomorrow's "Daily" Tonight. Here's What They'll See.

The best ticket in town is the one that gets you into the News Corp. CEO’s apartment for a look at his long-awaited iPad newspaper tonight. I don’t have one! But I’ve got a pretty good idea of what his guests get to gawk at.

Exclusive: Google’s Android Design Expert Outlines the Vision Behind Honeycomb

In an interview, former Palm designer Matias Duarte talks about the changes that will allow Android to evolve from a phone-centric operating system to one well-suited to tablets and all manner of other devices.

IPad 2 Display Question Draws Closer to Resolution

If you were hoping that Apple, through some combination of engineering acumen, force of will and luck, would overcome the power consumption and cost issues preventing it from adding a high-resolution retina display to the iPad 2, it may be time to relinquish the dream. Because a new set of specs cited by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for Concord Securities in Taiwan, suggests the device will feature the same 1024×768 resolution display as its predecessor.

2011: The Year of Too Many Tablets

PlayBook on Track for Q1 Kick-Off

Korea Not Too Keen on Nexus S

Nokia Stops Christmas From Coming