Dellephone: China Mobile, Claro and Then, AT&T?

After nearly three years of rumor and speculation, Dell is finally entering the smartphone market–in China and Brazil. Later this month, China Mobile and Brazil’s Claro will begin selling the company’s Mini 3, a handset designed around Google’s Android mobile OS.

Dellephone Headed to AT&T

Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney says Google’s Android OS will claim 14 percent of the global smart-phone market by 2012, putting it ahead of Apple’s iPhone but behind Symbian, which currently runs on about half of all smart phones. While this might seem optimistic, it’s not entirely unreasonable given the distribution deals Google has been lining up. Yesterday, the search giant announced a deal to bring Android-based devices to Verizon Wireless. Now comes word that Dell is building an Android handset for AT&T.

Dell Dullephone Sighted in China

No wonder cellular carriers rejected Dell’s first smartphone offering for its “lack of differentiation.” Unveiled in China this morning, Dell’s “proof of concept” handset looks like the chimerical offspring of Apple’s iPhone and the Palm Pre, but lacks some of their more powerful features.

Dude, Your Phone Is Dull

Antipathy toward a Dell smartphone is building and the device hasn’t even exited the rumor stage yet. When last we discussed the Dellephone, wireless network operators had reportedly been unimpressed, criticizing it as dull compared with current and upcoming handsets. Now comes further criticism from Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi Jr., who believes that Dell will announce a smartphone in the next six months but will most likely bungle it.

Dellephone? More Like Dullephone…

Ugly just isn’t going to cut it in today’s mobile device market. That’s what Dell is finding as it attempts to build a smartphone capable of holding its own against the Blackberry, iPhone and upcoming Palm Pre. According to Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu, the PC maker’s first smartphone prototypes have been rejected by wireless network operators, which found them dull compared with current and upcoming devices.


After roughly two years of rumor and speculation, a Dell smartphone is moving “closer to reality.” So says Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu, who believes the company could uncrate a mobile handset at 3GSM or the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in February.