An iPad Christmas, Sure, but Will It Be a Retina iPad Mini Christmas?

“It’s unclear whether we will have enough for the quarter or not,” says Tim Cook.

Hearst Taps Demand Media’s Bradford and Yucaipa’s Johnson to “Redefine” the San Francisco Chronicle

Can the City by the Bay finally get the newspaper it deserves?
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RealNetworks Hires New Mobile Entertainment President

Some fresh talent for Seattle online company.

Still Not Enough iPhone 5s to Go Around

Two weeks after its retail debut, the iPhone 5 continues to be difficult to come by.

Why Didn’t Apple Sell More iPhone 5s Opening Weekend? How Do We Know It Didn’t?

Were iPhone 5 sales constrained by unexpectedly heavy demand, component shortages, or tactical choice? Or were they really constrained at all?

Apple on iPhone 5 Demand: “We’ve Been Completely Blown Away”

Apple’s pretty happy with early demand for its new iPhone 5.

Not-So-Super Mario: Nintendo 3DS Demand Fades as Sales Cross Five Million

The good news is that there are now five million 3DS owners in the wild, who are in theory still buying new games.

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Task Service TaskRabbit Launches Mobile On-Demand Delivery

TaskRabbit, the San Francisco-based start-up that helps users outsource chores to “Rabbits” online, is rolling out an on-demand delivery service through the latest version of its iPhone app. Users will be able to request delivery of products and goods on weekdays between 9 am and 7 pm, for a flat rate of $10. Available only in San Francisco to start, the service joins the ranks of Exec and Postmates, which already offers on-the-go task completion and delivery services in the city.

Exclusive: Yahoo Director in Charge of Botched CEO Vetting to Step Down From Board

CSLie has claimed its first victim, although the mystery is still unsolved.

Use a Tablet, Save a Tree