Romney Concession and Obama Acceptance Speeches in Three Minutes or Less

In case you’re in a hurry.
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One More Election Prediction, From — No, Not Nate Silver or Karl Rove — SurveyMonkey

Whatever your choice: Go vote!
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Viral Video: The 2012 Celeb Singalong for Obama

Maybe we can.

Americans Vote One T-Shirt and Bumper Sticker at a Time — And Here Are the Early Results

The sale and creation of bumper stickers, t-shirts, mugs and other political gear may be a better indication of which candidates Americans like than some of the primaries.
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Viral Video: Keith Olbermann's Non-Apologetic Apology

MSNBC cable television host Keith Olbermann was back on the air last night after a short suspension and chatting up a storm–as usual, almost entirely about himself. This time it was supposedly to apologize for handing over some dough in support of a trio of Democratic candidates, which is against NBC ethical guidelines for its news folk. It turned into more of a pat on the back.

On Twitter, the Elections Are Almost as Big as iPhone 4

Lots of election-related traffic on Twitter, but not an overwhelming amount. But the Washington Post, for one, figures there will be a lot more: It’s buying the word “election” as a Promoted Trend on the service tomorrow.

California Not So Golden for Silicon Valley Techie GOP Candidates Whitman and Fiorina

After all Meg Whitman’s money and all those demon sheep thrown by Carly Fiorina, polls right now are showing that it is unlikely that either of them is going to emerge victorious in tomorrow’s elections in California. And while both candidates drastically oversold their business credentials as just the thing the troubled state needs, it seems the magic of tech in California does not necessarily transfer to voter enthusiasm quite so neatly.

A Hollywood Ending? The Timing of Zuckerberg's $100 Million Donation to Newark Schools Debated at Facebook

The question is: Which movie was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinking about when he decided recently to fork over $100 million to public schools in Newark, New Jersey? Was it a bid to spiff up his image–with a splashy announcement on Oprah Winfrey’s popular television talk show tomorrow–on the very same day of the New York premiere of “The Social Network,” which casts Zuckerberg as the villain in his own creation myth? Or was it another film, “Waiting for Superman,” a just-released gripping documentary about the crisis in public education? Either way, Newark wins.

Viral Video: Howard Dean Scream, in GOP Redux

Here’s one very kooky political performance, by a Republican nominee for Stark County, Ohio, treasurer named Phil Davison. Davison did not win, but he does manage to finally top former Democratic presidential candidate and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean in the intensely crazy and deeply awkward speech department.

John McCain and Barack Obama Talk Tech

John McCain Scores on QVC, Oops, SNL