The Point-and-Shoot Camera Faces Its Existential Moment

The compact digital camera is fading fast.

Canon’s Square PowerShot N Is a “Tweener,” but a Keeper

It’s hip to be a square digital camera.

LeapFrog Device Moves Past the Tadpole Stage

LeapFrog ups the ante with a new Leapster device that has a digital camera, video recorder, a microphone and an accelerometer.

Apple Requests Approval to Sue Kodak Into Oblivion

How considerate.

Three Cameras in Focus at CES

Some electronics companies are making digital cameras “smarter” by adding more Wi-Fi capabilities and apps; others are focusing on doing what they do best — taking pictures.

Cameras Act Like a Pro, but Are as Easy as Pie

Nikon and Sony recently introduced cameras that offer many of the features of much larger models but are simple to use.

Lytro Light Field Camera Revealed

Today in San Francisco, digital camera and imaging start-up Lytro is unveiling a digital camera that it claims will be the biggest technological jump since we started talking megapixels.
Lytro Camera Picture

Camera Has an Eye for Photos, Brain for Wi-Fi

Samsung’s SH100 is designed to take the place of camera phones. It took sharp, vivid photos and videos, but the touch screen was hard to use and the wireless function had limitations, says Walt.
Samsung SH100 Wi-Fi Camera

Shooting Pics That Pop

Katie reviews Fuji Film’s FinePix Real 3D W3, a $500 digital camera that simultaneously captures two images from two angles with the press of one button.
3d camera

In Search Of… Images Worth 1,000 Results

Google and Microsoft are offering visual searches where a picture is worth many Web results.