LivingSocial to Run Discount Promotions in Wake of 40-Hour Outage

Perhaps 25 percent off will help customers forgive and forget — and start shopping again.

PayPal Unveils Yet Another Way to Pay in Stores. Now It Has to Get People to Use It.

If only shoppers wanted to use their phones for payments as much as credit card competitors want them to.

Temporary Surface Pro Price Cut Now Permanent Surface Pro Price Cut

Evidently, that temporary $100-off promotion didn’t drop Surface inventory levels as much as Microsoft had hoped.

BlackBerry Downplays Z10 Price Cuts; Analysts Raise Inventory Concerns

The early price cuts add to the pressure to produce a hit with the coming A10.

When I Say Jump … Marissa Mayer Gives Yahoo Employees Up Fitness Bands

Let’s get physical!

Microsoft Looks to Boost Surface With Big Discounts for Schools

It turns out that Microsoft’s Windows in the Classroom Surface Experience Project was just the beginning of the company’s efforts to push its new tablet into the education market.


Holiday Price War Rages in Real Time

While shoppers jostled and shoved their way through the usual long lines for Black Friday retail deals, a new and more pitched battle was being fought online that promises to redraw how stores plan for their big door-buster specials.

Best Buy Slashes iPad 2 Price by $50 Ahead of iPad 3

Clearing out inventory in preparation for the big arrival?

Lot18 Turns Wine Into Wine Country Excursions

Lot18, which offers wines online for a discount, is expanding into travel deals that are packaged especially for lovers of the fermented grape.
Lot18 Experiences SS_1

Attention Shoppers: Grabs $30M in Funding From Greylock

VCs search for a bargain in longtime digital promotions site.

Web Commerce Isn't Really Social…Yet

Windows Phone 7 Prices Quietly Dropping