Dish Gets a Sprint Deal, Just Not the One It First Wanted

The two companies plan to offer, on a trial basis, a fixed wireless Internet service to be installed by Dish using Sprint’s airwaves.
Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen

Dish’s Charlie Ergen Looks Assured of More Spectrum as No Other Big Names Enter Auction

The absence of a big-name bidder to rival Ergen seemed a likely outcome after Sprint announced last month that it wouldn’t bid on the so-called H Block of spectrum.
Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen

Sprint Won’t Bid in Upcoming Spectrum Auction

Sprint passes on the FCC’s upcoming H Block spectrum auction.

Good News for the Cable Guys! Subscriber Numbers Dropped Again.

So why are the pay-TV guys smiling?

More Cord-Cutting Drumbeats: “Very Likely” Cutters Growing In Number

Nearly three percent of current pay-TV subscribers say they might head to the Web instead. That’s up from two percent two years ago.

TiVo Unveils Next-Gen Roamio DVRs, Out-of-Home Streaming Coming Soon

Three years after its last major launch, TiVo finally revamps its product line.

Yet Another Way to Get a Super-Cheap Web TV Box

This one comes from Roku and BSkyB, and will cost you all of $15.

Dish and Its Ad-Skipping Hopper Win Another Legal Fight Against the TV Networks

First Aereo, now this: Tough month for the TV guys in their legal fights with the tech guys.

Sprint Shareholders Approve SoftBank Deal; Last Up Is the FCC

SoftBank’s $21.6 billion deal to buy Sprint got the hearty approval of Sprint shareholders today.