Stanford Students Hope Posting Documentary Online Will Get More Women to Code

Speaking at DLDwomen in Munich, the founders of She++ urged women already in the workforce to learn to code so they might be better able to mentor and encourage the next generation.
Ayna Agarwal, speaking Tuesday at DLDwomen in Munich.

Yahoo Exec: Telecommuting Ban Is Absolutely Necessary

Even some of those affected by the policy are starting to see the benefits of working in the office, Yahoo chief development officer Jackie Reses said on Monday.

Talking Tech While Merging Identities in Munich (Video)

Ahead of the DLDwomen conference, AllThingsD’s Ina Fried gets in touch with her roots as a Jewish transgender woman who is big into tech.

EU Commissioner: We Don’t Want U.S. Reading Our Mail and Listening to Our Phone Calls

The NSA spying scandal could help pave the way for even stronger privacy laws in Europe, where regulations are already stronger than in the U.S.

Toward a More Visual Language: How Social Networks Skirt Censorship in China

There are ways around the hard-and-fast rules of the state. Listen up, Facebook.
China Youthology COO Kevin Lee in conversation at DLD, Munich.

New Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro Hints at the Future of the Web Portal (Pro Tip: Get Personal!)

A bit of insight from Yahoo’s new ops man, in a very general way.
Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro, right, in conversation at DLD Munich.

Alec Ross, America’s Digital Diplomat, on 21st Century Statecraft

The innovation adviser to Secretary of State Clinton talks about some of the tech he’s worked on to better serve the developing world.
Alec Ross (left) in conversation with Nick Bilton at DLD Germany.

Alanis Morissette on When to Use Technology and When to Turn Off

After a stirring speech at the DLDWomen conference in Munich, the singing star shared her views on tech with AllThingsD.
Alanis DLD

The Smartphone: Great Emancipator or a “Terrorist in Your Pocket”?

Smartphones can be both, Germany’s labor minister said on Wednesday. The key is to tap technology’s power while also remembering that the devices have an “off” switch.

Here’s Something Novel: A Carrier That Thinks International Roaming Fees Are Too High

Telefonica Germany CEO Rene Schuster also predicts more tough times for RIM and Nokia, and sees the credit card going the way of the dodo in the next three to four years.
Photo Credit: Michael Wagner/(c)

Jack Dorsey: Twitter’s Not Really Social

Here Comes Clay Shirky!