Twitter to Wait Until After IPO to Name Woman — Likely With International Cred — to Board

The number of women with international experience is long, but if I were to bet whom Twitter is considering for its top picks, I would name only two: Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright.

Google, Facebook Call an Ad Tech Truce: DoubleClick Is Coming to the Facebook Exchange

Facebook is going to start selling ads to Google’s advertisers. Why?
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Google Turns On Social Advertising, but Holds Back on Larger Personalization Play

Google announces plans to include users’ names and photos in select advertisements beginning next month.

Meet Brian McAndrews, Pandora’s $400 Million CEO

The ad veteran talks about the radio service’s future, and Microsoft’s past.
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Google vs. Facebook in the Battle of Affinity

So far, social sites haven’t been able to turn affinity data into anything particularly useful.

Google Climbs on the Native Ads Bandwagon

It’s the biggest buzzword in online ads. So the world’s biggest online ad company wants in on the action.

Google’s End-to-End Advertising Business Draws FTC Scrutiny

Google is nowhere near as dominant in advertising as it is in search, but the FTC may be interested in taking a closer look at the business.

Mobile Ad Targeter Tapad Raises $6.5 Million, Valued at $140 Million

A company that promises it can help close the mobile ad gap gets new backers at a rich price.
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Sold! (Finally) Facebook Takes Atlas From Microsoft, So It Can Get Serious About Ads.

What’s that? Facebook sold more than $4 billion in ads last year? Yes, they did. But if this works, that number can get *really* big.


The Reason Facebook Is Buying Atlas

Facebook would look to Atlas as the infrastructure for tools that show how users engage with Facebook ads, and where Facebook fits in the conversion path.

10gen Promotes Schireson to CEO Slot