File Under #Finally: Twitter Unveils $1 Billion IPO, Showing Growing Revenue but No Profits

Not even a government shutdown could stop Twitter from its appointed public offering.

Moon Shot: Earthbound Investor Milner Talks About Origins of the Universe at SXSW

Well-known Russian digital dude thinks the big thoughts.

Exclusive: Mayer Set to Get Yahoo’s Alibaba Billions in One Week (But Will Investors Get Some Back, Too?)

What will the Silicon Valley giant do with $4.5 billion?

Woof! Fetches $3.4 Million to Be Airbnb for Dogs.

But at a very un-Airbnb-like valuation.
rover_aaron easterly

Three Months After Bartz’s Firing, It’s Hurry Up and Wait at Yahoo (A Big Honking Update)

Still no sale or investment deal. No new CEO. No Asia resolution. And, perhaps most importantly, no clearly articulated strategy going forward. Other than that …

The Three Ventureers: Andreessen Horowitz Joining Conway and Milner in Y Combinator Start Fund

The high-profile venture firm is in for $50,000 per start-up. What cash crunch?

Not So Much on a Microsoft Bid for Yahoo (They’re Crazy, But Not That Crazy)

Is this investment-banker-hype week and no one told me? It certainly seems so from all the almost ridonkulous rumors about everyone and their mother considering making a bid for Yahoo. Microsoft is not.

“Perplexed” by U.S. Ownership Rules, Alibaba’s Ma Yellow Lights Yahoo Buying Parade

From “very, very interested” to a case of wanna-be-buyer’s remorse?

As U.S.-Listed China Internet Stocks Dive, Renren CEO Smacks Alibaba on the Way Down (And Gets Smacked Back)

As Chinese Internet exec Joe Chen of Renren snipes at a competitor there, there’s a bigger problem for that country’s Web companies.