You Still Can’t Resell Your iTunes Songs, Court Rules

Resell a CD? Sure. MP3? Nope.
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Home-Entertainment Revenue Ticks Up

Hollywood in 2012 was able to arrest a seven-year slide in sales of home-entertainment — specifically movies — as online revenue grew enough to offset a continued slide in DVD sales and rentals.

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15 Things About Aaron Levie


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23 Things About Adam Lashinsky

He probably reads more newspapers than you.
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Netflix Buys Domain, But Says It Won’t Create a Disc-Only Web Site

Netflix has bought the domain name, but the company says it doesn’t plan on cleaving its DVD and streaming businesses into two operations, as it had tried to do last fall with its ill-fated Qwikster plan. A Netflix spokesman says the company purchased the Internet address for purely defensive reasons, and that Netflix users will continue to access discs and streamed movies from the same site.


Walmart Gives Hollywood a Hand

The movie industry is recruiting Walmart Stores Inc. to help attract users to its struggling online video-library service, Hollywood’s latest step to combat the challenges of digital piracy and a fading DVD market.

Qwikster Is Gonester: Netflix Kills Its DVD-Only Business Before Launch

That was quick. Three weeks after Reed Hastings announced a much-hated decision, he’s reversing himself.

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Investors Give Netflix a Big Thumbs-Down

Following the lead of thousands of angry customers, investors continued to batter Netflix today in the wake of its bungled change in pricing strategy and the controversial separation of its DVD and streaming businesses. On July 13, when the price change was announced, the stock was trading at $298.73. Since then, the stock has bounced down a cliff, closing today at $130.03, a 52-week low.

Netflix Renames DVD Business, Apologizes — But Doesn’t Back Down

After an outcry from customers, and a beating from Wall Street, a rare mea culpa from Reed Hastings. The Netflix CEO says he mishandled his price hike, and apologizes. But he’s not changing his plans.
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Netflix Says It’s Surprised Customers Haven’t Complained More

“Believe it or not, the noise level was actually less than we expected,” says Reed Hastings. Wall Street isn’t playing it nearly as cool, though.
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