Startup Has an Awesome Idea That Will Get Crushed by Big Media

Streamnation says it will let you “borrow” digital versions of friends’ TV shows and movies. Good luck!
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The Next Version of iOS and the iPad Mini

Walt answers readers’ questions about the next iPad mini, the Motorola Moto X and the TiVo Roamio.

New Roamio: TiVo on the Go

Walt reviews Roamio, a new version of TiVo that lets users watch TV content anywhere there’s Wi-Fi.


TiVo to Gain $490 Million in Patent Settlement With Google, Cisco

TV set-top box maker TiVo Inc. said it will receive a lump-sum payment of $490 million from Google Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. to settle patent litigation with both companies.


TV Is Changing Before Our Eyes

I believe we live in a show-based world, and that shows delivered over IP allow for the slow unbundling of television.

Hollywood Goes Digital — But Not Too Digital. Sony Boss Michael Lynton’s Candid Dive Into Media Interview.

Technology changes everything about media, except for the stuff it doesn’t. A thoughtful chat with the studio boss behind “Skyfall” and “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Fox Says No to Dish’s TV to Go, With a New Lawsuit

New box, new lawsuit for Charlie Ergen: Fox asks the courts to shut down his newest version of the Hopper.

CNET Wanders Into the CBS-Dish Crossfire at CES

CNET’s reviewers liked Dish’s latest DVR. Their bosses at CBS have a different opinion. Guess how that played out?

Charlie Ergen Ticks Off the TV Guys, Again

New year, same play: Dish Network rolls out a feature that shouldn’t be a big deal but is, because the TV guys don’t like it. See you in court …

The Story of Dropcam, a Little Hardware Start-Up With Its Head in the Cloud (Video)

A tale of dog poop, big data and a lovable tortoise.

Cablevision Tells Aereo to Get Off Its Team