Aereo, Citing Tweets and Conference Calls, Fires Off a New Legal Salvo at CBS

Short version: “We’ll sue you before you sue us.”

Facebook’s Shopping List: Talent, Not Tech

Zuck sheds light on Facebook’s M&A strategy.
shopping cart feature size,jpg

Mark Zuckerberg Showed Up. Next?

Yes, the CEO took the call. Will he do more than read a canned statement?

Today's Daily Cord-Cutting Denial: Viacom

We know the drill by now: Cable company exec speaks in a public setting, gets asked about “cord cutting” and says he can’t see it. Cue disbelief.

Time Inc. Can't Wait for Google's Tablets

Time Warner’s magazine unit was ecstatic about the iPad, but now it’s in a standoff with Apple. Which is why Jeff Bewkes is talking loudly–if not directly–about the appeal of the new Android tablets.

Who, Us? Netflix Says Its Customers Aren't Cord Cutters

Here is the standard cord-cutting formula: Tell your cable company to pound sand and replace it with an antenna, an Internet connection and a Netflix subscription. Except, says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, that’s not what his 19.6 million customers are doing. For now.

A Newspaper Pay Wall Goes Up–And So Do Visitor Numbers

The New York Times is getting ready to roll out a pay wall in January, and plenty of people fret that the paper will see its audience disappear when the gates go up. Here’s a counterargument: The Telegram & Gazette, which happens to be owned by the Times, and which has seen its traffic rise after its wall went up.

Jobs on Android: The Fight Isn’t Closed Vs. Open, but Integrated Vs. Fragmented

CEO Steve Jobs made a special guest appearance on Apple’s Q3 earnings call today and used the opportunity to fire a few shots at Google while reframing the comparison between iOS and Android.

Intel Finds Tablets Easy to Swallow

Tablets and how to respond to them. That, according to Intel CEO Paul Otellini, was “the big question on everyone’s mind” yesterday during the company’s earnings call. And he did come prepared with an answer: Tablets are just another growth opportunity for Intel, one that the company plans to take good advantage of.

CEO Jim Balsillie: BlackBerry Ready to Play Quantum Leapfrog

The long, stumbling game of catch-up Research in Motion has been playing in the smartphone market is nearing its end. And when the end is finally reached, RIM will emerge the victor. Because the BlackBerry maker isn’t standing still–anymore. It will soon roll out its new BlackBerry 6 platform and new handsets. And when it does, global smartphone supremacy is assured…MUAHAHAHA.

Palm Running Out of Time–Again