Kenya’s Ushahidi Brings Tech Help Where It’s Needed Most

Also, meet the BRCK.

Exclusive: Yahoo’s Mayer Aiming for Twitter’s Stanton for Big Media Role

Can the new CEO entice her old employee (and former Yahoo Finance kingpin) to come join her in remaking the troubled Silicon Valley Internet giant?


Decoding Our Chatter

Want to monitor an earthquake, track political activity or predict the ups and downs of the stock market? Researchers have found a bonanza of real-time data in the torrential flow of Twitter feeds.

QOTD: First!


Twitter user @JordnJnkieJuice, who Twitter says was the first user to Tweet about yesterday’s earthquake, a mere 24 seconds after it hit. Newest update from the Virginia-area user: “Finally Famous !”

Earthquake Rattles Virginia, D.C. and New York; Wireless Networks Affected

A little shaking on the East Coast has freaked out New Yorkers and Washingtonians, and may have disrupted cellular service.


Sony Posts Wider Loss, Expects Profit This Year

Sony Corp. said Thursday that its net loss swelled in the fiscal fourth quarter due to a $4.4 billion write-down in deferred-tax assets, but it expects to return to the black this fiscal year after a three-year streak of net losses.


Sony Expects Big Net Loss

After gauging the damage that the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami had on its operations, Sony Corp. said Monday that it expects to post a massive net loss for the just-ended fiscal year.

Amazon's New Ad-Supported Kindle Will Start Shipping Tomorrow

Amazon said during its first-quarter conference call today that it will be shipping its new Kindle with Special Offers nearly a week early.


A New Role for Honeywell's T-Hawk

Crews trying to control Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan are using a tool seen by only a few people outside the military: an 18-inch flying machine that can zip around at 50 miles an hour, stop quickly, and hover while taking videos and radioactivity readings.


Sony Unlikely to Raise Stake In Sharp Venture by End of Month

Sony Corp. is unlikely to raise its stake in its liquid crystal panel production joint venture with Sharp Corp. by the end of this month as originally planned, people familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

Yahoo Bored Meeting? Not This Time!