Samsung Trying to Settle European Patent-Abuse Charges

“Samsung wants to settle.”

EU Regulators Eye Google Again — This Time It’s Android

More trouble for Google abroad.

Here’s What Google Will Look Like in Europe Now

The proposed agreement with the EU covers search labeling and scraping, as expected.

Apple’s Warranty Practices Still Not Good Enough for Europe

Apple’s battle over product warranty disclosures in Italy is beginning to spill over into the rest of the European Union.

Dear Brussels, You Are Fighting Last Century’s Battles

Why do European regulators spend so much time policing an aging desktop monopoly when the rest of the world has gone mobile?

EU May Fine Microsoft Over Browser Ballot Bungle

Sorry is never enough.

European Antitrust Case Against Google Moves Toward Settlement

Google seems to have stared down antitrust concerns both at home and abroad.
D9_eric schmidt on mobile wallet

EU Court to Rule on Microsoft Antitrust Fine Ultimate Edition™

Is $1.14 billion an “unnecessary, unlawful and totally disproportionate” fine? Tune in next month.

EC Confirms Inquiry Into Possible Telecom Collusion

Europe’s five biggest telecoms could face an investigation into possible collusion.

Regulators to Google: Watch It With Those Standards Essential Patents

You’ve been warned …

EU Approves Oracle-Sun Deal

Apple Tablet on Tap

EU Poised to Approve Oracle-Sun Deal

EU Hearing on Oracle-Sun Set for Dec. 10

Google Uncrates Chrome

Oracle Blinks

EU Objects to Oracle-Sun Deal