How and Why HP Is Making a Long-Term Bet in Greece. Yes, Greece.

The ancient port city of Piraeus is just what HP needed to cut costs in Europe.

Premise Creates a Global Economic-Activity Tracker, One Snapshot of Onions at a Time

Premise has built a massive microeconomic database of the world’s consumer goods, updated on a daily basis
Premise's snapshots of Indian onions

I, Robot

It’s one of the dirty secrets of economics: technology progress does grow the economy and create wealth, but there is no economic law that says everyone will benefit.

Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, who theorizes that advances in computer technology, like advanced robotics, are behind the post-2000 employment slowdown, and that technology is destroying jobs faster than it can create them

Amazon Says It Can’t Scale Same-Day Delivery Economically

But it’s building more distribution centers to get closer to its customers.

Didn’t Think It Was Possible? Amazon’s Catalog Just Increased by Thousands of Items.

Bulky? Heavy? Inexpensive? No problem. Amazon has added thousands of items it previously considered too uneconomical to ship.

Exclusive: Yahoo Director in Charge of Botched CEO Vetting to Step Down From Board

CSLie has claimed its first victim, although the mystery is still unsolved.

Yahoo’s Response on CEO’s Computer Science ResumeGate: “Inadvertent Error”

Inadvertent means “failing to act carefully or considerately.” I’d say so, but is it worse than that?

Dan Loeb Alleges “Discrepancies” on Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson’s Resume Related to Computer Science Degree

Did he or didn’t he get a computer science degree?


So, What’s Your Algorithm?

We are ruined by our own biases. When making decisions, we see what we want, ignore probabilities, and minimize risks that uproot our hopes.

Now Is the (Larry) Summers of Our Silicon Valley VC: Economic Guru Joins Andreessen Horowitz as “Special Advisor”

In an unusual appointment for the longtime public servant, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers will join Silicon Valley venture powerhouse Andreessen Horowitz as a part-time “Special Advisor.” Summers got to know the firm with an assist from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who was a student of his when he was a professor at Harvard University.

Kara Visits ECO:nomics

Arnold on Ending Global Warming