Election Night Was a Second Screen Extravaganza

Did you watch the returns with a remote in one hand and an iPhone in another? You had lots of company.

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Nate Silver Wears a Wizard’s Hat at Dinner

So says New York Times Web producer Eric Owles, who just posted this image to Instagram. Owles describes the other winner of Tuesday’s election as “disappointingly sober.” Wong, by the way, describes itself as an “Asian” restaurant. It’s very good.

Nate Silver’s Victory Tour Stops at Jon Stewart’s Desk

Alas, he is sober here.
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Dan Stands Alone

Election night television, it seems, hasn’t changed much in the past four years — the same guys in the same bad suits, pointing at maps, reading wire updates, and trying not to screw up. The biggest difference, I noticed, is how the main tool I really used was Twitter.

Dan Frommer


Google Founder Calls U.S. a “Bonfire of Partisanship”

Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin cast his vote Tuesday for a different kind of political approach: Going independent.

So, Mitt Romney Doesn’t Think the iPad Is Just a Consumption Device, Either

Various media outlets say the Republican presidential candidate has been typing a 1,100-word speech on his iPad.

New Jersey Gives Its E-Voters — and Voting Officials — More Time

Now e-voting won’t officially end in New Jersey until Friday. Can someone say polling place?

Yep, There Have Been Problems With Email Voting in New Jersey

The day is still young. Expect a long night in America’s 11th most populous state.