WMG Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. on Apple, Spotify and the Fate of EMI (Video)

What would Bronfman change about WMG’s deal with Apple?

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Join the Club: EMI Sues Grooveshark, Again

EMI Music, which had sued music streaming service Grooveshark in 2009, then ended up cutting a deal with the company, is now suing Grooveshark again. EMI’s publishing unit claims that Grooveshark has yet to pay a royalty on its deal. As the New York Times notes, the suit means that Grooveshark is now in legal fights with all four major music labels.

Before Universal Bulks Up With EMI, It’s Going to Have to Play Small

The world’s largest music label wants to get larger, but it’s going to need to convince regulators that this is a good idea. That may take a while.

Google Music’s New Service Set to Launch, Without All the Music

Google, which tried to launch a music service earlier this year but couldn’t get all of the big music labels on board, is ready to try it again. But it still doesn’t have all of the big music labels on board.
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Citi to Sell EMI Units for $4.1 Billion

The protracted auction of EMI Group neared a conclusion Friday, with Citigroup Inc., owner of the storied British music company, selecting buyers for its publishing arm and recorded-music label—at a price that well exceeds many industry watchers’ expectations.

Free, Legal Music Downloads, Few Strings Attached

Just a couple of Facebook clicks away, courtesy of brands like Budweiser and two-year-old start-up Free All Music.

Viacom and Google Pick Up the Gloves, Again

The YouTube copyright case — now more than four years old — won’t go away. In the real world, though, most media companies have made their peace with the world’s biggest video site.
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Spotify Still Hiring–But Not Launching Yet–In the U.S.

Most Americans still can’t get access to Spotify. But some of them can get jobs from the European music streaming service, which is continuing to staff up its New York office in advance of a U.S. launch. By the time the company gets here, it may find new competition from Google.

Lime Wire Settles Some, But Not All, Of Its Lawsuits

The file-sharing site settles with Big Music’s publishers. But it’s still fighting with the same companies’ other units. Confusing? Welcome the music business!

Spotify Clears Its Throat for a U.S. Launch in "Coming Months"

The music service still doesn’t have a U.S. launch date, but it’s telling the American digerati that their free lunch is just about over.

One Down: Spotify Signs Sony to U.S. Deal

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