We Still Don’t Know Snapchat’s Magic User Numbers (But Here’s a Bunch of Other Interesting New Stats, Including About Norway!)

CEO Evan Spiegel talks monetization, growth and international at a recent conference.

Earnings and Revenue Down — Yahoo Delivers on Expected Lackluster Third Quarter

No surprise, which should not be a surprise.

Circa Launches on Android, Adds Breaking-News Alerts to Notifications

The mobile media startup injects itself deeper into the news cycle.

Facebook Jumps Past $40 as Mobile Numbers Surge

The Street believes in Facebook again.
Facebook stock cert

News Byte

Real-Time Game Marketing Platform PlayHaven Adds Push Notifications

PlayHaven, which provides a suite of user acquisition, engagement and monetization tools for mobile game developers, said today that it would add push notifications to its offerings. The company now claims to be the “first end-to-end solution” on the market for reaching mobile gamers whether they’re in an app or not. The push notifications feature will be free while it is in beta, and PlayHaven has not yet announced specific pricing details for after the beta ends.

On CEO’s First Anniversary, Yahoos Get to “ThxMarissa!” (Best Internal Memo I Ever Held.)

Thank you, thank you very much — for the 73 percent stock rise since last year.

YouTube: Gamers Watch a Ton of Our Videos, and They’re Actually Engaged

Nothing shocking, but the white paper will probably put a few advertisers’ minds at ease.

As Competition Heightens in Social, Stateside Users Still Stuck to Facebook

It may be nine years old, but the social giant is still a standby for U.S. users.

Why Some Videogame Characters Get Toys, and Others Don’t

Why you can’t hug Om Nom until he’s been downloaded a couple hundred million times.

Yahoo’s Head of Middle East and Africa Departs for New Social TV Startup Aimed at Emerging Markets

A new venture is aimed at the growing mobile viewership in the Middle East and Africa.

YouTube’s Magic Number