Stir Kinetic Desk, Created by Former iPod Engineer, Makes Other Standing Desks Look Boring

For $3890, the Stir desk had better do everything but make me a sandwich.

GE Ventures Officially Opens for Business in Silicon Valley (Video)

Apparently, they also bring good Internet of things to light.

Survey Says: Despite Yahoo Ban, Most Tech Companies Support Work-From-Home for Employees

CEO Marissa Mayer is swimming against the tech workplace tide with her new ban.

Square COO Keith Rabois Departs Company

The management did not add up.

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LittleBits has a new kit for tinkerers.

What Will Marissa Do?: Yahoo CEO Zeroes in on Search, While Her Ad Team Eyes Tech Upgrade Options

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Jeff Ma Talks About TenXer Raising $3 Million More to Help You Judge Yourself (Video)

Trying to do 10 times better takes some effort (and funding).

Sweet! Mayer Declares That It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Time at Yahoo.

Good riddance to the Peanut Butter Manifesto and hello to Process, Bureaucracy & Jams.