Spil Games, GSN Dominate As Most-Popular Online Game Sites, But Guess Who Ranks No. 6?

What are the largest online game properties in the world? The list may surprise you.

Amazon's Lovefilm Strikes Disney Deal

Lovefilm, the “Netflix of Europe,” now has something Netflix doesn’t have–a deal with Disney to stream the studio’s movies.

Digital Movie Rentals at a Discount: MSpot's Interesting–And Confusing–New Pitch

Online video subscriptions are popular; one-off digital rentals much less so. Here’s an offer that combines both models. Which sounds interesting, and very complicated.

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Hearst Invests in "Survivor" Producer Mark Burnett

Hearst is going into business with Mark Burnett, the TV producer behind reality shows like “Survivor” and “Shark Tank.” Hearst is buying a “substantial interest” in Burnett’s existing production company; Hearst entertainment head Scott Sassa will work with Burnett to create a “long-term media, production and events-based joint venture.”

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Accel Bets on Hollywood With $40 Million Legendary Pictures Deal

Accel Partners, the venture capital heavyweight known for betting on tech hits like Facebook, is going Hollywood: It has invested $40 million into Legendary Pictures, a production studio best known for “The Dark Knight.” The company has a seven-year output deal with Time Warner’s Warner Bros., which also happens to be streaming some of its movies on Facebook. So “the next time you pay to stream a Warner Bros. movie with Facebook credits, Accel will take a cut from both sides,” notes Forbes, which disclosed the deal in a story this afternoon.

Here's Nickelodeon's New Massive Online Game (Plus Video of Cute Monkeys!)

Nickelodeon will use the annual Kids’ Choice Awards tonight to promote the launch of its brand new virtual world, where cute chimps swing from the branches of trees in the fictional World of Ook. And, just in case cute isn’t cool, the monkeys burp, too.

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Netflix Adds Fox's "Glee"

Netflix, which may lose access to shows from Showtime this summer, is adding some from News Corp.’s Fox studio. As in other recent deals the video service has signed, the new pact gives Netflix subscribers access to shows they haven’t had in the past–in this case, the big new titles are “Glee” and “Sons Of Anarchy”–but only older episodes: None of the shows will be available “in season.” The deal is an expansion of an existing agreement, and is non-exclusive. News Corp. also owns this Web site.

How to Watch Free TV Shows and Movies on Your iPad

Time Warner Cable backs down against the TV networks in its iPad app spat. But that won’t matter to pirates, who can get just about anything they want, whenever they want it.

The Secret to Some of Lucasfilm's Magic: Nvidia's GPU Chips

Asked to create a “tornado of fire” for a Harry Potter movie a few years ago, digital artists at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic found the techniques they were using not up to the task. Then they discovered graphics chips, and things got very interesting.

Electronic Arts Regains Major League Baseball License For Facebook Game

World Series Superstars, the first official Major League Baseball game on Facebook, was published today by Electronic Arts, which is increasing its efforts to bring branded titles to the Facebook platform.

YouTube, Netflix, Hulu: Meet Facebook

Angry Birds, in Real Life