First-Episode Clips From “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” — Dave McClure Is “Disrespectful” (For Doing His Job)

Hey kids, Dave is always disrespectful to me, too! (But I like it.)

Viral Video: Hulu’s Original “Paul, the Male Matchmaker” Set to Debut

Once more into the Internet content series breach!

In This Episode of “As the AOL Turns”: Will Arrington Appear at TechCrunch Disrupt?

Sources said that seems more likely than not, but who knows with this crazy crew!

Viral Video: David@Denny's

This is a very funny CollegeHumor video series, called “Always Open With Dave Koechner,” a great if unsung comic. It is set at a Denny’s restaurant. Really.

Viral Video: "The Annoying Orange" Goes Hollywood

The hit YouTube video series “The Annoying Orange” is apparently going to become an animated television series. Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?

IBM "Jeopardy" Challenge Day One Ends in a Tie

Day one of the IBM “Jeopardy” challenge ends with a human player and the computer tied, and with some interesting wrong answers from the computer. Plus: “Final Jeopardy” author Stephen Baker fills us in with some first-hand details.

Hulu Rolls Out a Highlights Show–“The Morning After"

Miss last night’s Golden Globes? Hulu has a summary, along with everything else you missed on TV last night. But maybe you’re better off reading about it.

Big Media Tells Big Media That Hulu Is Hurting Big Media

“Modern Family” is a hit online, but that popularity may hurt its value down the road.

Apple TV: Streaming and Renting From Devices

The revamped $99 Apple TV streams content from online, computers and portable devices, and allows you to rent TV shows and movies, but has a very limited selection of Internet video sources.

Viral Video: "Teenage Dream" from "Glee" Hits Big

The phenom of online music sales from the television show “Glee” continues with the digital chart-topping of its version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Sung by cast newbie and red-hot singer Darren Criss, you will quickly see from the full performance from a recent episode why it is such a dreamy rendition.

iPad: King of All Media?