Content Gains Allow Demand Media to Beat Wall Street Expectations on Q1 Earnings and Revenue

Strong performance of media properties added to the results.

Q4 Earnings Call: Mayer Says “Chain Reaction” Needed to Blast Yahoo Into the Future

Turnaround via nuclear fission.

Yahoo Beats Q4 Earnings Estimates on Flattish Revenue; Bought Back $1.45 Billion in Shares

A little up is better than a little down.


Google Tablet Analysis Points to Thin Margins

It’s not surprising that the first tablet to carry Google’s brand would attract attention from hardware analysts. Nor is one of their key conclusions much of a shock — the $199 price tag on the new Nexus 7 doesn’t leave Google much of a profit margin.

Wall Street’s Demand for Demand Media Falls Off

Demand Media is expected to have a solid quarter, but that might not matter to its weakened stock.

Analyst: Cheaper iPhone Would Be a Bonanza for Apple

For Apple, a smaller, cheaper iPhone may be more than a means of entering the market for lower-end phones currently dominated by Android and Symbian–it could be the final step in the company’s global smartphone dominance. That’s the theory put forth today by Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, who sees an iPhone Nano or Mini as an inevitability, one that would dramatically expand Apple’s addressable market.

R&D Spending: Nokia Vs. Apple Shows Size Doesn't Matter

Some additional perspective on Nokia’s massive mobile R&D spend and a point of comparison for its market return. Extrapolating from Bernstein Research data that estimates Nokia spent $3.9 billion on mobile research and development, Asymco’s Horace Dediu has calculated Apple’s mobile R&D spend, and there’s an astonishingly wide gulf between the two.

Chances Are You're Paying Way More for Mobile Than You Need To

Does your wireless plan suit your needs? Truly suit your needs? Because if it doesn’t, you’re potentially wasting hundreds of dollars. According to a yearlong BillShrink survey of more than 230,000 wireless users, people waste an average of $336 annually by miscalculating their voice and data needs.

Not Seeing Much Return on That Massive R&D Spend, Are You, Nokia?

Nokia spent scads of cash on research and development last year, but didn’t see much return on it. Certainly, the investment did little to slow the continuing deterioration of its competitive position.

AOL's Ad Turnaround Still Isn't Here Yet

Oracle Beats Q2 Earnings Forecasts

Amazon Profit Surges

Scaling iPad Sales