Connecting Things to the Internet Does Not an Internet of Things Make

The Internet is about shared information, and it’s hard to share from inside a silo.

HTC Shows Off First Tablet, Android Phone With Facebook Button and More

HTC became the latest company to “friend” Facebook, showing off a pair of Android phones that have a button for connecting directly to the social network. It also used Mobile World Congress to show off its first tablet and other Android devices.

Second-Edition iPad–Worth the Wait?

Walt answers readers’ questions on the second edition iPad, printer sharing and freeing up hard-drive space on a Mac.

Why Qualcomm Is Interested in Atheros [Updated]

What does Qualcomm see in a potential acquisition of Atheros? A way into wireless chip markets it has had trouble penetrating.

Who Wants Nortel’s 4G Patents?

Nortel was once a cornerstone of the telecom industry. These days it’s little more than an estate sale, a now-bankrupt company auctioning off the valuables of a fallen titan. Currently up for bidding: The company’s 4G patents.

Check Out PARC's 40th Anniversary Doings

Recently, there was an event in Silicon Valley to celebrate the 40th anniversary of PARC, the pioneering research facility that birthed a lot of tech’s most potent innovations. Ever heard of laser printing or Ethernet networking or the graphical user interface? Yes, that and much more.

Cell Towers For the Home Work Best in Worst Sites

Walt says AT&T’s MicroCell, a minitower for the home that is meant to boost wireless phone service, is recommended only for those living where there is virtually no service.

Apple Updates Mac Mini With HDMI, Mini DisplayPort

Looks like the iPhone 4 wasn’t the only new piece of hardware to go on sale in the Apple Store early this morning (in black only!). Joining it was a completely redesigned Mac mini. Just 1.4-inches in height, the latest iteration of the diminutive machine is smaller than its two-inch-tall predecessor and quite a bit more powerful.

With HSPA+ Network Upgrade, AT&T Buys Time for LTE

Convinced that long-term-evolution, or LTE, wireless broadband’s path to maturity might be quite a bit longer than some of its rivals claim, AT&T is significantly expanding its HSPA+ network upgrade. The carrier is throwing about $10 million at the effort, which it says will double real-world download speeds from 7Mbps to up to 14Mbps–theoretically, anyway.

If This Is Age of Web Video, Who’s Buying All Those TVs?

People are watching more Web video than ever. And they’re buying more TV than ever. What gives?

Ciena Snags Nortel’s Optical Business