Ford Uses Wi-Fi to Customize Cars

The auto industry is getting fired up about wireless technology in cars and trucks but it’s not just for connecting passengers’ laptops or streaming Internet radio stations.

A Windows to Help You Forget

Walter S. Mossberg calls Windows 7 a boost to productivity and a pleasure to use — Microsoft’s best operating system yet.

Apple Changes Leopard’s Spots

Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system improves upon its predecessor, writes Walt Mossberg. But it isn’t a big breakthrough for average users, and it isn’t a typical Apple lust-provoking product.

In Browser Wars, The New Firefox Loses Some Edge

In this round of the browser war, Mozilla’s product no longer stands out as clearly superior.

Gates Logs Off

Reporting Digital Map Errors

Walt Mossberg answers questions about reporting errors on digital maps, “virtual private networks” on Amtrak trains and saving Internet Explorer favorites.

PC Options Without Preinstalled Software

Walt Mossberg answers questions about ordering a Windows PC without any extra software preinstalled, the co-existence of Internet Explorer and Firefox 3.0 and transferring emails between two Windows machines.

Firefox Download Day Forces Postponement of IE Vulnerability Festival

After seven months in beta the latest iteration of the application that reignited the browser wars is finally here. Firefox 3 debuts today and to mark the occasion, Mozilla, the nonprofit behind the popular open-source Web browser, is rallying users to help it set a Guinness World Record for highest number of software downloads in a single day.

A Photo-Sharing Site Where Active Participation Is Allowed

The once-frustrating process of sharing digital photos and videos has improved over the past year, thanks to seamless Web-based programs. One such application, shwup, serves as a neat, artistic way to share photos quickly — when it works.

Apple Discontinues Think Secret

Microsoft's New Antitrust Opera

Opera Asks EU to Make IE Stink Less

Printing Parts of the Web