Sorry, Developers: Don’t Expect Facebook’s F8 Conference This Year

Facebook’s State of the Union address to its developers won’t be coming in 2012.

Meet Billy, the Bison Mark Zuckerberg Shot and Hung On Sheryl Sandberg’s Wall

What’s worse than getting an unsolicited a poke on Facebook? Getting shot, killed, eaten and having your head mounted on a wall by its famous founder, that’s what!

News Byte

The Facebook Timeline You Forgot About Is Launching

Facebook announced on its blog this morning that it will be rolling out Timeline — a new view of Facebook profiles that is meant to “tell the story of your life” by featuring old photos as well as new — to all users worldwide. The Timeline feature was one in a series of product announcements the social networking site made at its f8 developers conference in September; until now, it had only started rolling out in New Zealand.

Hey Facebook, Where’s That Timeline and Open Graph You Promised?

Two and a half months after Facebook promised that a huge revision of its self-expression and sharing tools were coming soon, users and developers are still waiting.

Facebook’s Overhaul Gives MOG a Rocket Ride

A 4x leap for the music subscription service in a month. Now it has to keep those users, add more, and eventually get a few of them to pay.

Washington Post Chairman — and Facebook Director — Don Graham Talks About Social Reader (Video)

I used to work for this man and, believe you me, you should listen to what he has to say about the future of news.

Facebook’s Mobile Story Is Apparently a Story for Another Day

Another Facebook developer conference has come and gone without the social networking giant presenting a cohesive strategy for extending its dominance of the social Web onto mobile devices.


Zuckerberg’s Law (Comic)

Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site.

Facebook Answers Some Questions About Its New Social Order

After outlining a host of changes coming to the world’s largest social network, Facebook’s Zuckerberg and some of his top lieutenants take questions from the media.

Get Ready, Facebook Apps Will Ask for Your Permission Only Once

Welcome to the world of over-sharing. It’s called “real-time serendipity,” and it is sure to raise concerns from those seeking greater online privacy.

Facebook’s f8 2011: This Is Your Life