Apple Discloses Government Requests on as Many as 10,000 Accounts

An average of two accounts per request.

Apple Debuts iTunes Radio, Beefs Up Services

Tune in, turn on, drop out.


What if a Computer Could Be a Teacher?

The ability to have one-on-one interactions with dynamically aware computers could completely revolutionize the way we learn.

Issues Keeping Some Apple Users off FaceTime, iMessage

Problems began shortly after noon on Tuesday and were still affecting some users as of late afternoon.

News Byte

Judge Orders Apple to Pay VirnetX $363K Daily

A federal judge has upheld the $368.2 million jury verdict that patent holding firm VirnetX won against Apple last year, shutting down the iPhone-maker’s effort to reduce it. U.S. Circuit Judge Leonard Davis this week ordered Apple to pay VirnetX about $363,000 daily in interest and damages until the two companies ink a licensing deal for the four networking patents that Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage apps were found to infringe.

Apple’s Newest Ad: If Only Via FaceTime

Minis are for kids.

BlackBerry Messenger Voice: It’s About Time

BBM Voice may not a major advancement, but it’s likely a good way of keeping current subscribers in the fold.

AT&T Reverses Course, Allowing FaceTime Over Cellular For More Customers

Those with an iPhone 5 or LTE-equipped iPad and not on an unlimited plan will gain access over the next eight to 10 weeks.

Apple Brings Facebook to Mountain Lion

An update to Apple’s OS X operating system adds a bunch of new features. Top among them: Facebook integration.
mountain lion-feature

Celebrity Chat for the Skype Age: Greenroom Brings Dr. Drew to Your Laptop

Old idea, new technology: Celebrity chats via cyberspace, sold by the minute.
greenroom excerpt

Mobilized Gets Hands-On With the iPad 2

Jobs Introduces Apple iPad 2

Exclusive: Apple iPad 2 Event Set for March 2