Four Years Later, How Does the Xbox’s Kinect Stack Up to Its Original Vision?

The new Kinect is central to the Xbox One’s marketing. How does it compare to the original “product vision” video?
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ATD Week in Review: The Brin-Wojcicki Split and Apple’s iPhone Trade-In

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

In Facebook’s Proposed Privacy Policy Updates, Your Face Pics Really Do Matter

An overhaul of Facebook’s data-use policies and terms of service includes tweaks to how the company uses its facial-recognition software on your profile photos.

AOL Says It Can Literally Read Your Mind When You Watch Its Ads

It’s a brave new marketing world.
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Google Disallows Facial Recognition in Glass Apps

Worried about so-called “Glassholes” automatically identifying people’s faces around them? Google says it doesn’t want that to happen, either.

Congress Wants Answers From Google on Privacy Impact of Glass

The letter, signed by eight members of the Bipartisan Privacy Caucus, raises questions about facial recognition and other concerns.

Silicon Wadi: A Visit to GarageGeeks in Israel (Video)

Nerding out in Tel Aviv!

Backed by $2.75 Million, ThisLife Aims to Organize Your Photo History

It may be a sappy app concept, but it’s a well-organized one.
Photo courtesy of ThisLife

Klik App Does Mobile Facial Recognition in Real Time

Is taking pictures of your friends on your phone, tagging their names and uploading them just too darn hard?

Ireland Gives Facebook’s International Privacy and Data Protection a Passing Grade

The Irish Data Protection Commission today concluded that Facebook has “a positive approach and commitment” to protecting the privacy of its international users.

What Does Apple Want With Rovi?