Why Everyone Will Totally Read This Column

“Within 15 seconds, I know whether an item is going to work,” says Gawker’s Neetzan Zimmerman.


Kids Aren’t Reliable Tech Predictors

As much as we think youth know “the next big thing,” they are often wrong.


Humans 1, Robots 0

Cashiers trump self-checkout machines at the grocery store.


Please Twitter, Just Stay Weird

Unlike Facebook, Twitter isn’t for everyone. That’s what the initiated love about it — but now that it is going public and looking for growth, Twitter’s inherent weirdness is at risk.

What About the Macintosh?

That makes Red Delicious the RIM of apples, right? Once America’s top apple, it’s popularity has fallen off considerably.

Matt Eitelberg, via Twitter, in response to Farhad Manjoo’s post that Honeycrisp is the Apple of apples

The Greatest Mistake Ever Made

It’s time for me to get something off my chest: I’ve made a huge mistake.

Farhad Manjoo, in an article on Slate entitled, “The iPhone 5 Is a Miracle,” which was written to update his opinion of the iPhone 5 from his initial review, which was entitled, “No, This Is Not the Best iPhone Ever”

Apple Signs Off on Spotify. When Will Big Music Play Along?

Spotify is the best music service you’ve never used. That’s because the much-hyped streaming music company is only available for Europeans and for a select few in the U.S. who have either gotten sneak peeks or hacked their way into it. The service took one step toward wider distribution today when Apple approved its iPhone app. But that won’t help U.S. users until the big music labels agree to American distribution deals.

What Book Will Amazon Delete Next?

Last week, Amazon acknowledged that it deleted some copies of “1984” and “Animal Farm” from customers’ Kindles. So what book will be next? Because while Amazon has said it won’t repeat what it did last week, it hasn’t actually sworn off remote book-removal–or remote-anything removal, for that matter–altogether. Does that worry you? It should.

Boxee: WebTV That Makes Sense. Is That Good or Bad for Big Cable?

I don’t want the Web on my big screen TV. I do want easy access to Web video, though–especially stuff like Hulu and Netflix on Demand. Enter Boxee, and cue worried cable execs.