The NeatConnect Scanner Is a Cloud-Connected Guilty Pleasure

A hassle-free scanner that’s easy to set up and does most of what it promises to do. But there’s a catch: It costs $500.

Adventures in Floppy Disk Transfers

Have a pile of old floppy disks and no disk drive to read them with? Here are some file transfer options.
Pile of Floppies Pic

Demystifying Advanced Compact Cameras

Looking for an advanced compact camera in addition to your smartphone, but confused by some of the specs? Read on.

Zynga Files Suit Against Former Staffer, Claiming Theft of Trade Secrets

The complaint was filed in court on Friday against Alan Patmore, the former general manager of CityVille, who left the company to join crosstown rival Kixeye.

News Byte

Facebook Partners With Dropbox to Share Stuff Inside Groups

Dropbox users can now share information they have stored in the cloud with their Groups on Facebook through a new partnership being announced today by the two companies. In order to share documents, photos or videos, users will be prompted to link their Facebook accounts to Dropbox. Once a file has been shared, the group will receive any edits to the file automatically.

Health Help: Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz Talks About New CareZone Start-Up (Video)

Here’s a very intriguing new social networking site called CareZone, aimed at helping people managing chronic health care issues. (I can tell you, based on my own recent scare, it’s needed.)

In and Out Of Office: Putting iPads To Work

A brief primer on how to get such documents into and out of an iPad, and how to view, edit and create them on the tablet.
Putting iPads to Work

Atrix 4G: Faux Laptop With a Phone For Brains

Walt reviews the Motorola Atrix 4G Android smart phone, which acts as the brains of a small laptop device.

Bubbly "Voice Twitter" Service Launches in the Philippines

I last wrote about Bubble Motion, provider of the Bubbly mobile messaging service, exactly a year ago. At the time, the company had 150,000 users. Today, it has more than seven million.

The iPad Now Can Take Command of Computers

Walt looks at two apps that let the iPad take control of a PC or Mac remotely.

Wiping Hard Drives