Viral Video: You Still Shouldn’t Mess With Thelma

Hitting the Apple (really).

Here’s the Trailer for Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Movie

The first full-length trailer for the new Steve Jobs biopic hits the Web.

News Byte

A Third Steve Jobs Movie? Please Tell Me They’re Not Calling It iSteve …

Because two Steve Jobs biopics aren’t nearly enough, Funny or Die will release a third that will beat the Kutcher and Sorkin projects to market. Starring Justin Long (the “Get a Mac” guy from Apple’s old ad campaign), “iSteve” is intended, in the words of one of its creators, to be a “very silly” look at the Apple co-founder’s life. Said producer Allison Hord, “Even the harshest fanboy critics will be able to laugh with us.” “iSteve” is scheduled to debut online on April 15.

Sony’s Michael Lynton on How the Net and Social Media Are Changing the Movie Business

Sony’s Michael Lynton says that in the age of social media, a film’s audience can now help kill a movie or extend its life.

Viral Video: “Room 237” Is the Most Creep-Tastic Trailer Ever

Redrum. Redrum. Redrum.


What Makes Video “Professional”?

The key elements are whether you can create something repeatedly on a schedule, and whether you can build an audience that will come back and watch regularly.

Ready for His Close-Up: Ross Levinsohn to Join Zefr Board

The former Yahoo exec joins the Venice, Calif.-based video start-up, which is about to celebrate one billion monthly views.