If Wearables Are Going to Grow Up, Games Might Point the Way

If. Might.

Fitbit Force Steps It Up With Built-in Altimeter, iOS 7 Phone Notifications

It has only been six months since Fitbit released its first activity-tracking wristband, and now the company has another one.

Blue Goji Teams Up With MyFitnessPal to Get Cardio-Gaming Devices in Shape

A soft launch for the fitness-gaming startup, with hardware bundles priced at $100.

Exclusive: Huang Brothers’ Next Project, Blue Goji, Will Layer Games on Top of Cardio Fitness

A step beyond wearable activity trackers and toward making fitness more immersive and addictive.
Kai Huang

Comparing Wearables: Fitbit Flex vs. Jawbone Up and More

Which activity tracker is the right one for you?
Fitness bands