Yahoo Says Mail Functionality Is Returning, but Some Users Might Be Missing Up to Two Weeks of Email

Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone.

Facebook Tries to Make Its Home More Inviting by Welcoming Photos From Other Services

Starting today, Facebook users can also see photos from Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.
Facebook Home Event in Menlo Park, CA, on April 4, 2013.

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Yahoo Ingests IQ Engines

Add another Yahoo acquisition to the pile. The Internet company has purchased “image intelligence” outfit IQ Engines for an undisclosed price. IQ Engines, which develops image recognition software capable of categorizing pictures based on the people and objects featured in them, is to be rolled into Yahoo’s Flickr team, presumably to help improve the widely used photo services search feature. IQ Engines is the latest in a conga line of acquisitions for Yahoo that so far includes the likes of Tumblr, Xobni, Rockmelt, and Summly.

Flickr Co-Founder Stewart Butterfield Turns to Workplace Communication Tools With Slack

Slack, which launches today, is a way to bring “all team communication into one place and make it searchable,” as Butterfield describes it.

Yahoo’s Flickr Gets New Leader From Google — Longtime Mayer Favorite Bernardo Hernández

The Yahoo CEO widens her circle of favorites.

A Year of Mayer: An Ever-Rising Stock and Chinese Riches, but Core Results Less Impressive as Q2 Arrives

Core: The central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

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With New App, IFTTT Automates the iPhone and the Connected World Around It

IFTTT, which helps people make rules for their Web services so they can customize things like how they get breaking sports news, is now available on the iPhone. The company’s native app helps users discover, make and track their “recipes,” and it adds new ways to control mobile photos, contacts and reminders. So, next time you take a photo with your front-facing iPhone camera, it can automatically get posted to a new Flickr “#selfie” album. Et cetera.

Happy Friday! Yahoo Kills a Dozen Products.

Killing them softly.

Tomfoolery’s Anchor App Is About Workplace Social, Not Productivity

“The rhetoric we’ve been fed is, this is business, not personal. No. It’s all personal.”

Yahoo Shareholders Meeting Astoundingly Boring

Edge-of-your-seat entertainment!