“Better to Be Paranoid and Wrong” — SpaceX Thanksgiving Launch Scrubbed for a Few Days

Private space company’s founder tweets the terra-firma status of the new telecom satellite.

Apple’s Made-in-USA Mac Will Be Built in Texas

Designed by Apple in California, assembled in Texas …

News Byte

Zimmerman Legal Team Launches Social Media Campaign

The defense team representing George Zimmerman — the Florida-based Neighborhood Watch leader charged in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin — has launched a full-on social media campaign in support of their client, complete with Twitter account and Facebook page. Zimmerman’s lawyers contend that their intent is not to influence the ongoing case, but rather to manage the constant flow of emails and phone calls related to their client. “Social media is the obvious answer,” the defense team wrote on its site.

CEO Thompson Tells Yahoos “Real Change Is Coming” (It’s Exclusive Internal Memo Time!)

The new leader addresses the nervous troops: Once more unto the breach, dear possibly laid-off Yahoos, once more …

SurveyMonkey Buys Online Forms Start-Up Wufoo for $35 Million

SurveyMonkey, the quiet but profitable and fast-growing Web survey company, is buying online forms start-up Wufoo. While the terms of the transaction for the Tampa, Fla.-based Infinity Box–makers of Wufoo–were not disclosed, sources said the price was $35 million in cash and stock.


Nation's Capital Bets Online Poker Is Lawful

Washington, D.C., is poised to become the first place in the U.S. to allow online poker, challenging the federal government’s effective ban on the practice in its own backyard. The city council approved a budget last year allowing the district’s lottery to operate a poker website accessible only inside district boundaries. City officials say the […]


States Make Play for Web Gambling

Efforts to legalize online gambling in the U.S. are moving to the states as lawmakers roll the dice on bills that aim to steer around federal laws effectively prohibiting Internet wagering.

When You Wish Upon a Week Off (and Yet Here I Am at Disney World)

To say BoomTown is not a person who likes to hear when I arrive at a vacation spot, “Have a magical day,” is an understatement. Yet, here I am for the rest of the week at Disney World in Florida. So, for the next few days, it’s a small world after all, instead of just a smaller Yahoo via layoffs and exec departures.

Shopkick Checks In With Target–CEO Cyriac Roeding Talks About Social Shopping

The idea of being rewarded for being a consumer is getting a lot of heat of late, as retailers seek to take advantage of the fast-moving social phenom among consumers, especially young ones. Thus, a wide range of efforts to combine location-based mobile apps with purchasing, both online and offline. Today, another company in the space, shopkick, announced it had added another store–Minneapolis-based Target–to its list of retailers deploying its platform and mobile app that gives you points for simply walking in a store.


New Library Technologies Dispense With Librarians

Hugo MN–In this suburb of St. Paul, the new library branch has no librarians, no card catalog and no comfortable chairs in which to curl up and read. Instead, the Library Express is a stack of metal lockers outside city hall. When patrons want a book or DVD, they order it online and pick it up from a digitally locked, glove-compartment- sized cubby a few days later. It’s a library as conceived by the Amazon.com generation.