Twitter Asks You How You Use Twitter While You Watch TV, While You’re Watching TV and Using Twitter

So it’s asking its users about their TV + Twitter habits. Again.
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Coming Soon to UC Berkeley: Football, Brought to You by Kabam (Update: For $18MM)

The football field in the University of California at Berkeley’s Memorial Stadium is about to get a new name, according to the San Francisco Chronicle: Kabam Field, named after the social games studio. Kabam doesn’t make any football games, but three of its four co-founders are Berkeley alums. The studio’s biggest hits are MMOs like Dragons of Atlantis and movie tie-in games like Fast & Furious 6: The Game. The re-naming cost $18 million for a 15-year deal.

Wearable Sensors Could Be an Antidote to Football’s Concussion Problem

X2 makes a wearable sensor that benchmarks athletes’ brains so the coaching staff can better determine when they are ready to re-enter the game after a concussion.

Five Questions About Basketball, Tech and Kickstarter for Vantage Sports’ Cameron Tangney

The CTO of Vantage Sports talks about ProScout, an NBA advanced analytics Kickstarter project, and the impact of technology on professional sports.
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NAMG Confirms It Has Bought Scout From Fox Networks Group in Dude-Focused Content Roll-Up Bid

Another network aimed at dudes.

NFL, MLB Tell Supreme Court: If Aereo Wins, We’re Bailing on Broadcast

The thing is, that’s kind of happening already.

Sony’s First TV Ad for the PlayStation 4 Is Basically “Testosterone, the Musical!”

Sword fights! Car crashes! Explosions! Lou Reed!
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EA Settles Suit, Pauses NCAA Videogame

Videogame maker Electronic Arts Inc. and the Collegiate Licensing Co. reached a settlement with college athletes suing them over issues that include the use of athlete images.

First Xbox One TV Ad Shows Off TV Integration, Not Games. But Will It Click?

The reasons Microsoft thinks non-gamers will buy an Xbox One, in 13 seconds.
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Is Google Ready to Buy Its Way Into TV With an NFL Deal?

Google CEO Larry Page met with NFL head Roger Goodell today. Among the topics: The league’s “Sunday Ticket” subscription service.
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