Amazon and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Amazon seems to be getting control over the outage that brought down its cloud and the Web sites of more companies than we’ll probably ever know. What will be harder is winning back the confidence it has until now enjoyed. The names of victims now include the New York Times and a division of

News Byte

Yahoo's Envoy Joins Diplomatic Discussion

Yahoo today launched the latest addition to its growing stable of original blogs–The Envoy, which will cover foreign affairs with Laura Rozen, most recently chief foreign policy reporter for Politico, at the helm. Yahoo now has 23 original blogs across its news, sports and entertainment coverage, and said that in February, monthly traffic to those sites topped 550 million page views for the first time.


Vast Leak Discloses Diplomatic Secrets

The publication of a quarter-million sensitive diplomatic cables Sunday exposed years of U.S. foreign-policy maneuvering that could prove embarrassing to the U.S. and its allies, especially in the Islamic world.

China to Google: Go Ahead and Leave, Ya Big Loser

China’s state-run news media are ramping up their anti-Google rhetoric amid reports that Google will soon announce the closure of its Chinese-language search engine. This morning, China Daily accused Google of political chicanery and warned the company that it will be “the biggest loser” if it pulls out of the Chinese market.

China on “Google Farce”: Our Internet Is Open

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech on Internet censorship Thursday and her call for an investigation into charges that Chinese-backed hackers attacked Google have met with a bristling and indignant response from Beijing. In a statement posted to China’s Foreign Ministry Web site, Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said the United States should “cease using so-called Internet freedom to make groundless accusations against China.”


Web Access Is New Clinton Doctrine

The U.S. plans to make unrestricted access to the Internet a top foreign-policy priority, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to announce Thursday. The announcement, which has been scheduled for weeks, comes in the wake of accusations last week that Chinese hackers penetrated Google Inc.’s computer networks.