If You Don’t Have the Lowest Prices for the Holidays, You Better Offer Free Shipping

Online retail sales in the U.S. are expected to increase 15 percent — to $78.7 billion — this holiday season.

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Heads Up, Brands: More Than Half of U.S. Online Adults Expect You on Social

Social media managers, rejoice! More than half of Internet-connected adults in the U.S. expect — if not appreciate or even seek out — some sort of social marketing experience online, according to a Forrester Research report to be released on Tuesday. The report, titled “The New Social Technographics,” claims more than 75 percent of people in developed and emerging markets use social tools, and 62 percent aren’t bothered by brand messaging via those channels.


Google vs. Facebook in the Battle of Affinity

So far, social sites haven’t been able to turn affinity data into anything particularly useful.


The Connected Car: Welcome to the Next Computing Environment

Seismic shifts are on their way to the auto industry.


Google Glass: What Marketers Should Know

Glass will be the next iPhone — but today it’s a Newton.

Apple’s iOS 7 Team in Deadline Crunch Mode, Adding Engineers

But sources say it will ship on time.


Why Silicon Valley Is the Next Detroit

We can already see what will cause the decline of Silicon Valley.

Some Last-Minute Online Shoppers Can Still Put Gifts Under the Tree

There are a number of ways to still get deliveries sent to your home if you don’t feel like fighting the crowds at the mall.

Google Shopping Now Includes the Amazon Kindle (and Why That’s a Big Deal)

It may not sound significant, but over the past couple of weeks, Amazon’s Kindle devices have started appearing in search results on Google Shopping.


Smart Body, Smart World: The Next Phase of Personal Computing

The next wave of growth in personal computing won’t come from PCs (obviously) or even phones, but from sensor-laden devices.

Nobody “Goes Online” Anymore

Tablets in the Workforce

My Other Phone Is a Phone

Are You “Always Addressable”?