Sherpa Ventures Starts $150M Fundraising With $15M Infusion From TPG

Now the well-known Silicon Valley pair will have some walking-around money.

ATD Week in Review: Steve Ballmer’s Legacy and the “Elegant” Golden iPhone

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

Henry Blodget Is Quietly Planning a Stunning Return to Wall Street

Secrets revealed! A bit! In Ken Auletta’s New Yorker profile!
henry blodget

Everybody’s a Curator: Flipboard’s Mike McCue Talks About New Version of Social Magazine (Video)

I made a magazine about Pop-Tarts. Anyone have a problem with that?
FlipboardCover copy-feature

Yahoo Paid $30 Million in Cash for 18 Months of Young Summly Entrepreneur’s Time

For the PR boost alone, it might be worth it.


Facebook CEO to Host Christie Fundraiser

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has gained an ally in the blue-leaning Silicon Valley in his bid for a second term: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

AngelList Now Matching Start-Ups With as Much as $12M Funding and 100 New Hires Per Month

AngelList gets a little braggy.
AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant

Crowdfunding for a Cause: Nonprofits Can Now Hold Fundraisers on Crowdtilt

Crowdtilt says it is the first crowdfunding site to fully support charity fundraising.

Tesla Museum Supporters Raise $1.3 Million and Put Indiegogo in the Spotlight

Nikola Tesla: Inventor of alternating current, breaker of Indiegogo records.