Violin Memory Fires CEO Basile as IPO and Quarterly Results Disappoint

Shares have fallen 70 percent since a September IPO.

Shane Robison Is Working on an Extreme Makeover at Fusion-io

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Former HP Exec Shane Robison Named CEO of Fusion-io

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The Future of the Data Center

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News Byte

Fusion-io Names Pankaj Mehra as New CTO

Fusion-io today named Pankaj Mehra as its new chief technology officer. Mehra has been an adviser to the company’s prior CTO, Neil Carson, in recent months. He is a former distinguished technologist at Hewlett-Packard, and also ran HP Labs Russia. He got to HP by way of its 2002 acquisition of Compaq, where he had worked on persistent-memory technology.

Why Are Fusion-io Shares Up So Much Today? Flash Madness, Naturally.

A new Facebook data center, plus other stuff.

Fusion-io Acquires Software Firm ID7

Fusion-io now owns one of the industry’s must-haves for storage technology.

Violin Memory Is Raising More Money Ahead of Planned May IPO

The money will fund operations until then.

Woz Plus Spock Equals a Geek Swarm