U.S. Patent Office Says Apple’s Rubber Banding Patent Claim Is Valid

Bad news for Samsung.

Samsung Launches Galaxy Muse MP3 Player to Accompany Galaxy Smartphones

For those who don’t want to work out with their smartphones.

After Its Big Court Win, Apple Seeks Ban on a Bunch of Samsung Phones

Galaxy S II, Verizon Droid Charge …
Apple v Samsung collage

Judge Refuses to Toss Most of Apple’s Suit Against Samsung

Samsung does manage to get a small part of the case dropped, with respect to three phones not broadly sold in the U.S.

Apple vs. Samsung Trial Forces Companies to Open Up the Books

Thanks to their landmark patent suit, the public is getting a peek at just which Samsung models were most popular as well as some insight into Apple. AllThingsD has all the juicy details.

With Galaxy S III, Samsung Makes the Case That One Size Does Fit All

In past iterations, Samsung’s flagship phone sold to different carriers, with various shapes and sizes and names. With this year’s model, all carriers will be selling an identical phone.

Samsung to Announce Next Galaxy at London Event on May 3

The Korean electronics maker is looking to make its pricey Olympic sponsorship pay off, using London as the launchpad for its next flagship smartphone.

Nokia’s Challenges: One Cabbie’s Perspective

Veteran cab driver Mika Saaristo illustrates the uphill battle facing Nokia, given his experiences as both a cellphone consumer and one who shuttles international visitors to meet company execs.
Finnish Cabbie cropped-feature

Samsung: Next Galaxy S Due by Midyear, but Not in Time for Barcelona

Samsung says that it will have some new stuff for Mobile World Congress, but that the successor to the Galaxy S II will be launched later in the first half of the year.

Samsung’s Marketing Chief Aims to Stir Passion for Korea’s Electronics Giant

Younghee Lee, a former cosmetics industry executive, says that the Korean electronics giant needs to connect with consumers’ hearts as much as their minds.
Younghee Lee-feature

Larger Mac Font

Apple Sues Samsung in Japan