Full D8 Demo Video: Dell Streak

As promised, All Things Digital is posting the full videos from our eighth D: All Things Digital conference, held in early June. Today, it’s time for the Streak from Dell, a much-anticipated entry into the tablet market that Apple has blown up with its iPad. But is it a mini-tablet or a waffle?

BlackBerry’s New Torch Makes a Leap From Drab

Walt says the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 and the BlackBerry 6 operating system improve the BlackBerry experience considerably and bring the device closer to its newer rivals.

Android Is Outselling the iPhone and the BlackBerry Too?

We heard in May that Android is outselling the iPhone in the United States. Now it’s outselling the BlackBerry as well. NPD says handsets running Google’s mobile OS accounted for 33 percent of all smartphones purchased in the second quarter in the States, compared with 28 percent for the BlackBerry and 22 percent for the iPhone.

Apple Adds Touches to Its Mac Desktops

Katie reviews Apple’s latest gadget, the $69 Magic Trackpad, which is essentially a large, freestanding touch pad that brings multi-touch features to desktop Macs.

Slash and Burn: New Kindle Selling Like Wildfire

Looks like the $139/$189 prices Amazon gave its new Kindle e-book readers may have been the tipping point for mass adoption. Though they’ve been available for pre-order for just five days since the unveiling, both the 3G and Wi-Fi Kindles are sold out for their first August 27 ship date.

Full D8 Demo Video: Kno

As promised, All Things Digital is posting the full videos from our eighth D: All Things Digital conference, held in early June. Here’s the demo for Kno, a start-up that is taking on the textbook by replacing it with a tablet aimed at students. The clamshell device has a pair of touchscreens that open and shut like a book and Kno will offer an online store linked to Kno for the purchase of materials.

What Weeks Of Real Usage Tells About New iPhone

The iPhone 4 did better than the 3GS in decent coverage, but still isn’t a good bet for those in weak-coverage areas, writes Walt.

Here's Flipboard's Video, So You Can Understand What the Heck It Does

It looks like this promotional video for Flipboard, the high-profile and very slick new iPad app launched yesterday, was shot in its Palo Alto, Calif., HQ. Because the service is a bit of a conceptual leap in digesting social networking, this video might help explain the excitement among tech bloggers and others about its debut.

Hard Drives By Hitachi Back Up Files Two Ways

Hitachi’s line of external hard drives comes with simple software that performs local and online backups of your computer files, writes Walt.

New Laptop From Toshiba Is Lightweight and Speedy

The Portege R705 will appeal to consumers willing to pay higher-than-netbook prices for a speedy, standard-size, easy-to-tote laptop with good battery life, writes Walt.

Droid X Drops July 15

An iPhone 4 Review Roundup

Apple: One Million iPads Sold