Cisco Lays Out Aggressive Strategy to Capture More Cloud Business

Networking giant Cisco Systems has been talking for awhile now about its intentions to become a big supplier of cloud infrastructure. Today it got specific, with a portfolio of products it collectively calls CloudVerse.

New iPhone Keeps Apple Top of Class

Walt calls the iPhone 4 a major leap over its already-excellent predecessor, the iPhone 3GS.

Using the iPad as a Standalone Device

Readers ask about the iPad, the ThinkPad Edge and deleting cookies.

In Mobile Gymnastics, the Motorola Backflip Scores a 6

The Motorola Backflip smart phone has a unique design: Its QWERTY keyboard is on the back of the device, so the screen appears to be doing a “back flip” when it opens up for use.

Two Laptops Take Images to Another Dimension

Katie looks at two laptops that use 3D technology to make photos, movies and games pop.

Get Your Storage Out of the Cloud

The cloud is a hip way of describing Web-accessible storage, and whether people know it or not, they’re using this more each day.

NAND Market Suffering From Apple-Related Memory Loss

The NAND flash memory supply may be heading for a drought, thanks to Apple. According to a new report from iSuppli, Cupertino is planning to again increase the iPhone’s memory, which will motivate its rivals to boost memory in their smartphones.

Parallels Zips Past Fusion in Running Windows on Macs

Walt reviews the latest software for running Windows on a Mac without rebooting.

Two Little Laptops With a Lot to Offer Their Core Users

Walt Mossberg reviews Dell’s M11x and Sony’s Vaio X, two diminutive laptops aimed at radically different customers.

Meet Apple’s iPad: Starts at $500, Supported by AT&T

At a 2007 all-hands meeting to discuss the iPhone, Apple CEO Steve Jobs remarked on the company’s product roadmap. The machines Apple will bring to market in the years ahead, he said, would be “off the charts.” This morning, Jobs made good on his word, unveiling a new multimedia tablet device called the iPad.

Upgrading Macs