Google Aims for the Next Billion Users With Android KitKat

The real appeal of Android KitKat is that it can run on lower-end devices, as it requires only 512MB of RAM.

Former Googlers’ Cover App Makes Android Lock Screens More Useful (Video)

A startup brings personalization and context awareness to the basic Android user interface.
Cover co-founders

Is iOS Fragmenting? Not Nearly as Much as Android.

Some 93 percent of iOS users run iOS 6, says Apple.

Google’s Dusty Gingerbread Still Dominates Android Installs

Years after its launch, the Gingerbread version of Google’s Android operating system accounts for more installs than any other version of the OS.

myTouch and myTouch Q: T-Mobile’s “Genius” Phones With Old Software

These low-cost smartphones aren’t so low-end — at least on the hardware side.

T-Mobile’s $20 Prism Sacrifices Speed, but Not Call Quality

T-Mobile aims its $20 Prism at first-time smartphone buyers. But is it worth it to scrimp?

LG Pushes 4G Smartphone Through Verizon: The LG Spectrum

With its Optimus phone, LG has done well at the low end of the smartphone market. Now it’s pushing a high-end 4G smartphone with a large HD display.

Samsung Unveils the Galaxy Nexus A La Mode

Samsung and Google unveiled the latest Google flagship phone today called the Galaxy Nexus, which is running the newest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich.
samsung-goog event2

Pledge Notwithstanding, Android Updates Still Slow in Coming

Android device makers and wireless carriers announced that more devices would get upgraded to the latest version of the operating system. But there is still lots of room for improvement.
Android Update Alliance

Samsung’s Galaxy S II Claims Title of Best-Selling Smartphone You Still Can’t Get in the U.S.

The Korean electronics giant noted over the weekend that global sales of the Android device have hit three million units. The product was announced at Mobile World Congress in February, but its U.S. arrival is still TBD.