Ripped Off by “Glee,” Jonathan Coulton Rereleases His Own Mix-A-Lot Cover

In response to an uncredited cover of a cover, you can now buy the original version.


YouTube’s Reign Threatened by a Spotified Revolution, and Other Reel Truths for Video in 2013

In 2013, someone will solve video discovery through social content aggregation.

One Final Freaky Holiday Video: T-Mobile Mashes Up “Glee” and “Pretty in Pink”

And it is actually quite pretty and has garnered over four million views on YouTube.
t mobile home for the holidays[5]

Missed the Emmys (and “Mad Men” + Jane Lynch)? YouTube Has You Covered. (Video)

Would have been even better if Alec Baldwin had been there, too, but we’ll take what we can get. Bonus: Many disclosures!
mad men emmy

Viral Videos: Emmy Spoofs and Preshow Funning

Here come the Emmys tonight, so enjoy our preshow video extravaganza.

How Much Did HP Lose on the TouchPad? Here’s a Good Guess.

Depending on how many TouchPads HP ordered, it may have lost between $140 million and $300 million on hardware alone.

Viral Video: Like Palm’s Creepy Naked Lady, TouchPad’s Floating Celeb Heads Get the HP Boot

Say goodbye to the weird (but kind of cool) TouchPad ads featuring the tablet faces of comedian Russell Brand and “Glee” diva Lea Michele.

Myspace Founder Compares Current Site to Artie on ‘Glee’

Attacking MySpace in its current state is kinda like steroid muscle heads pushing a kid in a wheelchair off the Santa Monica pier.

The newly voluble Myspace Founder Tom Anderson posts on Google+ about an outage at failed social network today.

Using Fox’s New Web TV Plan Isn’t as Hard as Being Waterboarded

Fox tells Web surfers how to get their not-really-free anymore Web TV. It’s not rocket science, but it’s going to take some work. Also: Hulu? What Hulu?
jane lynch glee

Murdoch & Son Visit Parliament and Return With a Big Helping Of Humble (and Shaving Cream) Pie

News Corp. CEO and majordomo Rupert Murdoch tells British lawmakers he is sorry on the “most humble day of my life”, survives a surprise attack and loses his jacket. Other than that, the hearing turned into a what didn’t the Murdochs know and when didn’t they know it Q&A session.