Eric Who? Wall Street Says Google's CEO Swap Is No Big Deal (So Why Is It Selling?)

Last night, Wall Street yawned at the Eric Schmidt-Larry Page swap at the top of Google. Today, it seems a little more confused about what the change really means.

Google's Victory Dance: Check Out Our Go-Go Numbers!

After showing off financial numbers that blew away Wall Street’s earnings estimates, what could Google do for an encore? Trot out even more numbers, via a tantalizing but not-that-revealing striptease.

Clearwire Raises $1.5 Billion–None of It from Google

How quickly Sprint has gone from cutting jobs to cutting checks. Not 24 hours after announcing plans to sack between 2,000 and 25,000 employees, the company said it has agreed to invest another $1.18 billion in WiMax provider Clearwire. That’s a big check to be writing, but then, Sprint is Clearwire’s majority shareholder and the carrier’s plans for differentiated 4G services rely heavily on the outfit’s success.

Google Dashboard Offers “Unprecedented” View of Stuff We Already Knew

Privacy advocates carping about the vast amounts of data Google collects about our Internet use can rest a bit easier today now that they know what the search company knows about them. This morning, Google rolled out Dashboard, a new service that consolidates user account information and settings for its various products onto a single page.

Google’s New Homepage Motto: “This Space Intentionally Left Blank”

Looks like Google is tweaking its homepage again. Surf over to the search sovereign’s front page today and you’ll find that the buttons for “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” have been swapped out for a bit of new text: “This Space Intentionally Left Blank.”

Twitter in Microsoft/Google Three-Way, as Search Giant Crashes Data-Mining Party

How nonexclusive is Microsoft’s deal with Twitter? So nonexclusive that just hours after Microsoft announced it, rival Google lurched forward to say that it has entered into a similar partnership with the microblogging service. The search giant may be second to this party, but it’s not going to be late. But make no mistake–this is very clearly a rush job. Microsoft has code running. Google does not.

Google Back in a Buying Mood

Some words of reassurance for econalypse-addled entrepreneurs worried about an exit strategy: Google really is in a buying mood again. Discussing the company’s latest earnings on a conference call Thursday, CEO Eric Schmidt said Google is looking for businesses to buy, perhaps even big ones.

New From Google Labs: Google Plutocrat

The broader advertising recovery may take time, but search advertising is clearly beating a hasty path back toward normalcy. Or it is in Google’s case anyway. Reporting third-quarter results after market close Thursday, the search giant posted revenue of $5.94 billion, an increase of seven percent compared to the third quarter of 2008.

AT&T, Google: Nuns on the Run

In the rhetorical battle over net neutrality, Google may have regulatory capitalism with which to bludgeon and batter AT&T, but AT&T has Benedictine nuns, an entire convent of them. In a 13-page letter to the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday, the carrier took issue with Google’s claim that its Google Voice service only blocks calls to adult sex chat lines, asserting that it also blocks calls to small businesses and Benedictine nuns.

Look of Smug Satisfaction Returning to Google Investors' Faces

Google isn’t scheduled to report third-quarter results until Thursday, but already shares in the company are trading higher in anticipation of solid results. At $524.24, they’re up 1.55 percent–nearly $8, and not without good reason.

Dellephone Headed to AT&T

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Not With a Bing, but a Whimper III

Google to Apple: You Lie

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