Out-Trending the Trendmakers: NewsWhip Says It Defeats Twitter and Facebook’s Filter Bubbles

Friends? Who needs friends when you can just fall back on everybody to keep you informed?

Newfangled Aggregator Trapit Hires an Old-Timer: Yahoo Editor Liz Lufkin

The start-up says it uses artificial intelligence to sort out the best Web news stories for you. But it wants a human to help out, anyway.
trapit screenshot

Exclusive: Groupon’s Mason Tells Troops in Feisty Internal Memo: “It Looks Good.”

Facing a barrage of negative press about its upcoming IPO, Groupon CEO and co-founder Andrew Mason took up a pen to counter critics of the social buying service in a pugnacious email to employees.

After Copiepresse “Boycott,” Google Restores Search of News Sites

Google today stopped its so-called boycott of the Copiepresse newspapers (who had sued it) after they agreed not to enforce copyright infringement fines, but says it doesn’t plan to use such tactics as a matter of practice.

Want to Make Google News Smarter–Or Dumber? Give It a Shot.

Love Google News but don’t like Google’s news choices? Create your own.

Google Shutters Google.cn

Google has finally adopted the “New Approach to China” that it announced back in January, making good on its threat to end censorship of its services in the country. Earlier today, the company begun redirecting Internet traffic away from its Chinese-language site at google.cn to google.com.hk in Hong Kong.

The Real Victims of the Newspaper Collapse

The Onion is right: You can’t build a wall around your cubicle using Google News and Craigslist.

Who’s Going to Make Your News? And Who’s Going to Pay Them?

Who’s going to bring you your news in a couple of years: The likes of the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal? Or someone whose tweets have been picked up by Google News? All of the above, likely. If you want to see this question get hashed out at length, check out this video, which features reps from the Times, the Journal, Google and AOL back-and-forthing for an hour-plus.


AP Stories Reappear on Google News

New articles from the Associated Press have quietly started rolling out on Google’s news site in the past hour, ending a nearly seven-week absence stemming from contentious negotiations between the two parties.

Project Alesia: News Corp.'s Roman Battle Cry–Does That Cast Googlers as the Gauls? (Plus Video!)

While Internet companies such as Google use baked goods as names for their key strategic initiatives–recent ones related to its Android mobile operating system were called Donut and Eclair, for example–aggressive media giant News Corp. is definitely not going for sweetness in its unusual selection of a code name for its high-profile digital content effort. That would be Project Alesia, a moniker that comes from a vicious siege in ancient times widely considered to be one of the more decisive battles in history. And that is apparently what top News Corp. execs think is the best way to describe their plans for stopping the decimation of premium content in the digital age and transforming their business to take advantage of new means of distribution.

LIVE: Google Press Luncheon

There Goes the Neighboorhood …

What? No 'Anonymous Cowards’?